Ohnut: The Painful Penetration Solution

Ohnut: The Painful Penetration Solution

According to the Cleveland Clinic, 10-20% of American adults will experience painful sex at some point during their lives. 

A woman in a blue and orange dress grips her pelvic region with both handsPainful intercourse can have many causes, including postpartum pain, lack of lubrication, endometriosis,  trauma, and many more. In a study published by the National Library of Medicine, where 6,669 sexually active women were surveyed, a strong association was found between painful sex and vaginal dryness, anxiety around sex, and lack of enjoyment during sex. 

There are different kinds of pain that can occur with sex, two of which are pain with entry and pain with deep penetration. Honey Dew sent out a survey asking customers about painful intercourse and 75% of respondents, both men and women, stated they or their partner had experienced pain with intercourse at some time during their lives.

If you experience any kind of pain with sex, it is best to let a doctor know, as medical intervention may be necessary or helpful. Pelvic floor physical therapy can be particularly successful in helping to relieve pain, as well as addressing a number of other issues.

Additionally, there are also some amazing over the counter products designed to make sex more comfortable, including dilator kits, lube, and, one of our favorites, the OHNUT!

Ohnut was designed to make penetration a customizable, and therefore more comfortable, experience. Helpful for those who experience pain or discomfort with deep penetration, Ohnut helps control the depth of the penis or penetrative object (works with toys too!).
Honey Dew staff and affiliates have used Ohnut for a variety of penetrative purposes- including to reduce pain with vaginal penetration postpartum, to ease into anal sex, and to make oral penetration more comfortable. 

We interviewed a customer who uses Ohnut to make penetration with her partner more comfortable and she said, "At first we were worried it [Ohnut] would feel like a barrier between us, like it would feel bulky or reduce sensation on my partner's penis. None of those things ended up being true. Instead it [Ohnut] has made sex so much more fun again because I don't have to worry about being in pain and my partner doesn't have to hold himself back to stop from hurting me."

Ohnut has helped many people to rediscover the pleasure of penetration. It comes in both a Classic and a Wider version and is available as part of Honey Dew's Penetration Relief Kit. 

Ohnut is made from an FDA approved body safe polymer blend and can be used with condoms (put the condom on first) and lube (water or silicone based lubes only). The company says lube is ESSENTIAL for the Ohnut experience and Honey Dew staff agree- avoid any nasty friction and use your favorite silicone or water based lube. Avoid anything oil based, as this will degrade the materials Ohnut is made out of. Most of all- have fun making penetration more comfortable!
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