About Us

Welcome to Honey Dew

Honey Dew is a women-owned and operated pleasure shop dedicated to promoting happy, healthy bodies for all people. We specialize in five-sense satisfaction, carrying products to help achieve next level sexual pleasure as well products to freshen up, set the mood, and decorate your space and body. We pride ourselves in carrying only the best quality goods and we choose local, eco-friendly, women-owned, BIPOC, and small-business brands whenever possible. 

Our Mission:

To create a safe and inclusive place where customers can explore their sexual and sensual selves.

Who We Are:

Honey Dew was founded in 2022 by Rachel Woollard with the goal of opening an online shop catering to the sexual and sensual needs of the human body. Rachel wanted a fun and safe online space for customers of all bodies and backgrounds to find products to enhance their pleasure. For Rachel, pleasure is more than just sex or orgasm, it is a good cup of tea, a wonderfully scented room, a beautiful piece of jewelry, or even a feeling of empowerment. Seeking to create a space where multiple forms of pleasure came together, Rachel created Honey Dew.

Honey Dew is dedicated to providing high quality sex toys made from body-safe materials, including products specifically meant to help reduce pain during intercourse, help ease the transition into different kinds of play, or enhance postpartum and menopausal pleasure. Honey Dew seeks to include something for everyone, regardless of sexual preferences, size, age (18+), or ability. We believe all bodies deserve pleasure in all five senses. 

Honey Dew The Sweet Spot Pleasure Shop is an inclusive store. We seek to serve people of all races, religions, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations- it doesn't matter to us. If you came to enhance your pleasure, you came to the right spot- no matter who you are. Just keep in mind our store is intended for patrons 18 years and older. For teens looking for sexual education and resources, we recommend checking out Scarleteen.