Cliterally Aware: Finding the Whole Clitoris and Understanding Indirect Pleasure

Cliterally Aware: Finding the Whole Clitoris and Understanding Indirect Pleasure

Do you know where your clitoris is? When I say clitoris, I mean the whole thing.

I hope by the end of this article you can give an ecstatic yes! That yes is a statement of empowerment and pleasure. The more you understand yourself and your erogenous tissue; the more you could explore and understand pleasure.

Direct and indirect stimulation to the clitoris can feel good at different times during arousal. Indirect stimulation often is very pleasurable on the journey to orgasm. Let's learn where the rest of the clitoris is and explore some techniques for indirect pleasure.

If you cut the clitoris in half it will look like this:

Clitoral structure cut in half to show structures

Let's appreciate the nerves at the top (see arrows). This is called the doral nerve of the clitoris. It travels to the glans of the clitoris where it has more than 10,000 nerve fibers packed into one small area. This is the reason the glans is so sensitive. The glans could sometimes be too sensitive to touch. Indirect stimulation to the rest of the clitoris could help ease you into touch over the glans.

Parts of the clitoris:

  1. Glans
  2. Corpora
  3. Crura
  4. Vestibular Bulbs
The female reproductive and pelvic floor systems are shown
The Glans: the part you see.
The glans is covered by the clitoral hood which is the top part of the labia minora. With arousal, you will see the glans engorge with blood which often causes it to come out of the hood.
Try me: With its labial attachments, try gently tugging on the labia minora. Pull back and move the hood of the clitoris.

The Corpora: the body of the clitoris.
You could think of this area as the neck of the clitoris. The corpora is anchored to the pubic bone by the suspensory ligament of the clitoris.

Try me: Put your hands on your pubic bone and lift up, down, side to side to put tension through the corpora.

The Crura: where it splits.
The body of the clitoris splits in two and follows the ischiopubic ramus. The ischiopubic ramus is the bony arch between your pubic bone and your sits bones.
Try me: Take your hand and go to bottom of your pubic bone. Follow the bone to your right or left down towards your sit bone following the crease of the groin. This is the ischiopubic ramus. Move your hand closer to the labia majora and your hand will fall off the ischiopubic ramus. You are now following the crura of the clitoris. Take some time to explore here. Push in, pull on the labia majora. This is another great way to get indirect stimulation.

The Vestibular Bulbs: the part that hugs the urethra.
The vestibular bulbs split off of the bottom of the corpora and follow along the vaginal opening and are intimately related to the urethra. They assist with maintaining blood flow in the rest of the clitoris during arousal.

Try me: Insert your finger into your vagina to the first knuckle or a little deeper. Turn your finger up towards your pubic bone and you will feel the urethra. The urethra feels like a Crura Vestibular Bulbs Ischiopubic Ramus penne pasta. Fall off the urethra and follow along the wall of the vagina towards the anus. Your finger is indirectly on the vestibular bulbs here.

Take time to explore and learn the pleasure you like. What feels better? Soft, light, firm, steady, variable, direct, or indirect. Does this change as you get closer to orgasm? Start with touch and add in a toy to further enhance indirect stimulation of the clitoris. Enjoy the journey and as always happy exploring.


All content copyright Ariel Zablocki.

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