Sex: A Definition

Sex: A Definition

The action(s) required to perform the definition of sex has undoubtedly changed since the word was defined, but here we are in the modern world and that’s what we will focus on.

I talk about sex a lot in my line of work. I would be wrong to define sex for my patient, so I ask the question: What is sex to you?

Think about it. What is your definition? There is no one correct answer, but I encourage you to be flexible with your answer.

Answers could include:
Vaginal and anal penetration
Oral sex
Mutual masturbation
Use of toys
Sensual touch
Sexting and phone sex
Anything that turns you on

The most common answer I hear is penetration alone. This definition is strict to one action and promotes the belief that sex is a penis in a vagina and that’s it.

I think of those who have genital pain, just don’t enjoy penetration, are in a relationship where genital penetration isn’t an option, want to have sex but aren’t in the mood for penetration, don’t have a sexual partner, I could go on.

The word sex according to the Marriam-Webster Dictionary is sexually motivated behavior. There is no mention of penetration within the definition itself. I encourage you to explore and redefine your definition of sex. Choose things you like and that give you that sexy spark. If you have a partner, compare your definitions. A self and mutual understanding of sex could expand your sex life.

Happy Exploring!



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