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Sexual Wellness: Product Guide

Sex should be a pleasurable experience, whether practiced alone or with a partner. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a loss of or reduction in pleasure. However, many people experience pain, discomfort, or sexual dysfunction during sexual acts at some point in their lives. It is very common, for example, for postpartum women to experience some level of pain during penetration or to feel reduced desire for a period of time after having a child. It is also normal for men to go through periods of reduced penile responsiveness at different times in their lives, which can be caused by stress, reduced blood flow, or even a tight pelvic floor.

Sexual dysfunctions should be discussed with a medical professional because there are many things that can be done to mitigate symptoms or even resolve the underlying issues entirely through medications, pelvic floor physical therapy, or other medical interventions. However, there are also products and practices that an individual can do at home to reduce discomfort and help to increase pleasure. 

Honey Dew founder, Rachel, spent many years with pelvic floor dysfunction and resulting pain that greatly detracted from her experience of pleasure. After years of work and research, both with guidance from the medical community and a pelvic floor PT, and through her own devices, Rachel found many solutions to help her experience sexual comfort and ecstasy once more. Rachel keeps Honey Dew stocked with the products she found the most helpful, as well as with additional devices that have been used by many to increase pleasure and reduce the effects of sexual dysfunctions. See our comprehensive guide below!


Products for Painful Vaginal Penetration:

See below our recommendations for products that can help reduce pain during penetrative sex into the vagina. Some of these products are for use during intercourse, while others can be used therapeutically outside of sex to reduce discomfort during penetration and promote overall vaginal health. 


A picture of Ohnut, the penetration relief device is shown

Ohnut allows users to customize the depth of penetration. The four rings separate or stack together so one can adjust how much of a barrier they would like. Worn on the penis or penetrative object, these squishy rings are designed with comfort in mind and are condom compatible. Shop or read more about them HERE.


Intimate Rose Pelvic Wands


Intimate Rose pelvic wands were designed by a Doctor with pelvic floor health specifically in mind. These silicone pelvic wands can be used to release hard to reach trigger points in the vaginal canal and are also approved for use rectally. Easy to clean and with a unique curved design to make it simple to pin point tight pelvic floor muscles, these wands come in an original, temperature therapy, and vibrating variety. Shop or learn more about these therapeutic wands HERE.



Woo More Play coconut lube is shown spread out behind its bottle


Lube is always a good idea, but when vaginal penetration is painful, it is particularly important. Honey Dew carries a variety of different lubes, including the Coconut Love Oil pictured above, which is made with vaginal health in mind and can also double as a massage oil. To check out Honey Dew's lube selections, click HERE. 

Dilator Set

Dilator set with a variety of sizes

A dilator set can be a great way to slowly increase vaginal elasticity and reduce discomfort with penetration. There are different kinds of dilator kits, including wearable ones that can also be used with a vibrating bullet to add to sensation, like the CalExotics set pictured above. Honey Dew also carries a glass dilator set that was designed by a doctor to be worn for longer periods of time. To take a look at Honey Dews collection of dilator kits, click HERE.

Products for Premature Ejaculation and ED:

 Cock Rings

Rabbit rechargeable cock ring in purple with clitoris stimulating rabbit ears

Because cock rings partially restrict blood flow to the penis, some users have found that they help to control premature ejaculation. Cock rings come in a variety of designs, including some that stimulate one's partner like the Rabbit Enhancer shown above. Cock rings can be a fun addition to a whole host of sexual acts and are worth a try for anyone experiencing premature ejaculation. To shop Honey Dew's collection of cock rings, click HERE.


Rise condom held in a hand

Condoms can reduce penile sensation and therefore assist in extending penetration time. Condoms have the added benefit of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexual disease, as well. To shop condoms click HERE. 





A purple dildo

Dildos can be a great addition for any kind of penetrative play. They can also be a good option to remove some of the pressure for getting or maintaining an erection. For those struggling with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a toy can be an excellent stand in when the fun ends too soon or it is hard to get things started. Plus, dildos can be lots of fun- there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and they can add new levels of pleasure. Check out our dildo collection HERE. 


Remember, pleasure is for everyone and there is no shame in enhancing or improving your pleasure experience by using props or toys. Pain, ED, and other sexual dysfunctions are more common than you'd think and the certainly do not mean you have to suffer or accept a life with minimized sexual satisfaction. Take care of yourself and your partners, do what feels good and forget the stigmas and the shame. Claim your pleasure, it's yours for the taking! 

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